Create a Legacy of Love and order: Fostering Open Communication for Family Unity.


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David is all about making estate and legacy planning simple.

He’s learned first-hand the kind of mess that can happen when there’s no plan in place.

David's got the know-how from picking the right person to look after your estate to why it's crucial to talk things over with your family long before you think you need to.

His approach is all about avoiding headaches and keeping families from falling apart.

He believes in clear, early planning to save money, stress, and keep family ties strong.

If you're putting together an event or conference, David can help your audience sort out their estate and legacy planning with real, actionable advice to keep everything running smooth for their loved ones.

He believes in leaving a legacy of love and order.

Client Praise

"David's engaging storytelling and interactive session not only captured our attention but also made us realized the importance of an often-overlooked aspect of personal finance.

He offered clear strategies that will leave us well-prepared and confident to handle life's unexpected challenges.

David's presentation was enlightening and motivational, making us want to take immediate action."

Sabine Steinbrecher
Chief Hiveologist at Hiveologie and Sweetwood Mountain


"David is a producer's dream! He was very friendly and collaborative to work with during the production process, very knowledgeable about estate planning, and his lively personality and willingness to share his personal story brought the episode to life.

He was conversational and engaging throughout the show, including during the live audience Q&A session where he was able to relate his expertise without any advanced preparation.

He even provided free downloadable resources to our viewers to help them get started with their estate plans.

I can't recommend David as a guest speaker enough, and we hope to have him back on our program soon!"

Robert Moysey
Producer/Director, Client Education
TD Direct Investing

"David's presentation on legacy planning was both engaging and enlightening.

He effectively used multimedia elements to keep us engaged, which showed a level of creativity and thoughtfulness.

Through sharing his knowledge and personal experiences, David showed us how to tackle tough conversations about estate planning.

Attendees left with a clear understanding of how to achieve peace of mind and how to strengthen family bonds. His talk was truly impactful."

Lana Sanichar
Editor in Chief, President, The Canadian Money Saver



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