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I'm David Edey...

I support families who want a sense of security knowing their affairs are in order.

So they don't feel stressed or have the anxiety of not knowing what will happen to their estate and assets after they are gone.

What people are saying...

"David's engaging storytelling and interactive session not only captured our attention but also made us realized the importance of an often-overlooked aspect of personal finance. He offered clear strategies that will leave us well-prepared and confident to handle life's unexpected challenges. David's presentation was enlightening and motivational, making us want to take immediate action."

Sabine Steinbrecher

Chief Hiveologist at Hiveologie and Sweetwood Mountain


"David is a producer's dream! He was very friendly and collaborative to work with during the production process, very knowledgeable about estate planning, and his lively personality and willingness to share his personal story brought the episode to life. He was conversational and engaging throughout the show, including during the live audience Q&A session where he was able to relate his expertise without any advanced preparation. He even provided free downloadable resources to our viewers to help them get started with their estate plans. I can't recommend David as a guest speaker enough, and we hope to have him back on our program soon!"

Robert Moysey
Producer/Director, Client Education
TD Direct Investing

"David's presentation on legacy planning was both engaging and enlightening. He effectively used multimedia elements to keep us engaged, which showed a level of creativity and thoughtfulness. Through sharing his knowledge and personal experiences, David showed us how to tackle tough conversations about estate planning. Attendees left with a clear understanding of how to achieve peace of mind and how to strengthen family bonds. His talk was truly impactful."

Lana Sanichar, Editor in Chief
President, The Canadian Money Saver


About me


I live with my partner in crime and life Susan.

I love to travel, I am a foodie and a very mediocre golfer.

I am very fortunate to have amazing friends who make me laugh a lot and enjoy my life.

My greatest joy is my new grand daughter Penny or as I call her "PBABY"

Now I want to support families who want a sense of security knowing their affairs are in order so they don't have stress or anxiety of not knowing what will happen to their estate and assets after they are gone.

Help people who want to be prepared for the unexpected emergencies like a death. 

But most importantly help families preserve harmony, who want to have open communication within the family to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstanding that could break up the family.

I am all about leaving a legacy not a legacy and a mess.

I am a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) who
has worked in the financial planning industry in Montreal for more than 35 years.

I have advised hundreds of clients, written over 200 articles about personal finance, and shared my expertise on radio and television many times in Canada and the U.S.

But I'm not just an expert; I am someone who knows estate and legacy planning inside and out from personal experience, having spent seven years and $50,000 in lawyer fees to come to an agreement with my siblings over my parents’ estate.

And that was with a written will!

The grief, frustration, and stress of that experience has been life-altering for me.


Keynote & motivational talks

The Conversations 99% of Families Don't Have

We live in a society where discussing death and money is often seen as taboo, particularly among families.

This silence carries a high price, with the potential to unravel which binds loved ones together.

“The Conversation 99% of Families Don't Have” is a transformative keynote that sheds light on the critical, yet often-avoided, discussions about financial legacy and estate planning.

David offers a guide through the thorny path of talking about death and legacy conversations. With an engaging mix of casual relatability, and a sprinkle of humor,

David doesn't just talk at the audience he talks with them, encouraging a two-way dialogue that demystifies and destigmatizes the complexity of estate planning.

This keynote delves into the heart of financial preparation, equipping attendees with the mindset and tools to foster open communication, a family legacy that extends well beyond monetary means.

Entrepreneurial Immortality

In Entrepreneurial Immortality: Securing Your Business Legacy Beyond Your Years, David addresses the entrepreneur who has invested not just capital, but heart and soul into their business.

This thought-provoking keynote delves into making sure all the entrepreneurial hard work will lead to a lasting legacy and also being prepared for the unexpected emergencies such as death, disability, divorce or partnership breakdown.

Participants will be taken on a journey that fuses actionable estate planning guidance with the importance of entrepreneurial succession.

This is a candid exploration of how to establish a business legacy that reflects the owner's values and visions.

David brings invaluable insights, delivering it in a digestible and engaging manner.

The presentation goes beyond mere technicalities, embracing the emotional and practical elements of passing on your life's work to the right hands, the right way.

workshops & training

The Legacy Builder's Blueprint: Leaving a Legacy of Love and Order

Embark on a journey toward family peace of mind with "The Legacy Builder's Blueprint: Leaving a Legacy of Love and Order ," a comprehensive half-day workshop designed for those beginning their estate planning. Regardless of whether you join us in person or virtually, this workshop provides a compassionate space to understand and start arranging your estate affairs. David will guide you step-by-step through the creation of your Future File—a pivotal tool that brings comfort and clarity to your loved ones during some of life's most challenging moments.

Legacy Builder's Blueprint for Entrepreneurs: Navigating Your Business Succession

Legacy Builder's Blueprint for Entrepreneurs: Navigating Your Business Succession" is an intensive half-day workshop tailored for the visionary – the entrepreneur who has built their business from the ground up and now faces the daunting task of succession planning. This workshop is designed with the understanding that most participants are starting from scratch, needing guidance on not just creating a solid succession framework but also ensuring their personal estate complements their business strategy.

Getting Prepared: Masterclass for Executors

Masterclass for Executors is an intensive half-day workshop designed to equip nominated executors, or those considering who to appoint, with the essential tools, knowledge, and strategies necessary to navigate their role efficiently and effectively.

This workshop is based on David's book Executor Help How to Settle an Estate Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights. This workshop peels back the layers of complexity surrounding the executor’s responsibilities.


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Which option is best for you? Full-day or half day Workshops, Opening and /or Closing Keynotes, or Breakout Sessions? Online or Virtual Sessions? David specializes in creating unforgettable experiences that will leave your people with peace of mind knowing they are creating a legacy of love and order.

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